Love Hertz: My Little Monster

Okay, so you must be wondering, “now what in God's name is this new thing?” or “Wa’kinda name is Love Hertz?” “It sounds stupid, you stupid flightless bird, why are you even a bird? You can’t even fly. And you're in the potty pose all the time.You dumb b....” Now before you start hurting my fee-wings, I’ll start by explaining this thing. Love Hertz is our semi-regular romance column, where I, the great Emperor Penguin II, will tell you about my favourite romance animanga. 'Cause, you know, I'm known as the Love Guru...

Now enough of that, it's time for looooooove!

My Little Monster is one of my favourite anime of all time. The show is so beautiful and pure. And most of all, the male lead Haru is SO relatable to me. He is obsessive, possessive and quick to anger; everything a spoilt brat like me can relate to. But unlike me he has his redeemable qualities like his simple mindedness, sincerity and honesty, which comes together to make him really adorable.

On the other hand Shizuku, the girl (un)affectionately dubbed Dry Ice, is a single minded study beetle (Japanese slang for a nerdo). She only cares about her grades and never thinks about other people’s feelings, making her seem cold to others. This also creates conflict in her relationship with Haru, conflict that arises organically instead of relying on contrived external factors. None of this is meant to say that she’s a dislikable character, far from it. Her focus on studies comes from her fear of being let down by people.

Haru and Shizuku’s relationship is one of the best things about the anime, which can be best described by a quote from the anime: “the best kind of relationship is the one which helps you grow.” Their relationship fits that description to a T. Shizuku made Haru a little more sociable and approachable which eventually led him to make more friends. Haru made Shizuku think about other people and their feelings which eventually led her to trust Natsume. The relationship helped these two loners grow and get friends. They may fight a lot, bicker about stupid things and be on each other’s throat at times, but it only makes them cuter.

The secondary characters and their romantic interests aren’t merely content with taking a backseat to the main couple, however. Their character arcs are fully fleshed out and their romances are given just as much importance. This is well highlighted in Ooshima’s arc and Natsume’s crush.

I love this series because I can relate to so many characters at the same time, be it the possessiveness of Haru, lack of self confidence of Ooshima, the loner heart of Natsume, or the snobbish attitude of Yamaguchi. And the romance is very pure and devoid of fanservice. A great romcom to start off with in my opinion, which is always right!

Penguin signing off, until next time, when I return with another romantic bandaid for your lonely otaku heart.

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