Growth and embarrassment


KyoAni holds a special place for me, being the source of a few of my favourites like Clannad (and Afterstory), K-On! and A Silent Voice. But one anime is closer to my heart than all of them: Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! This chunibyo-filled adventure is really close to my heart, what with me being a former chunibyo myself.

I've done a LOT of embarrassing things in my past: some distant, some in recent memory (God I HATE Dairy Milk). And looking at Yuuta being physically repulsed by his past self, I could relate. It doesn't end there. Yuuta joined a highschool far from his place to avoid people from his middle school, just to reinvent himself and have a "normal" school life with a cute girl and normal friends. I, too, changed 'schools' for my senior secondary years, but although that wasn't my decision, I could relate to Yuuta's first-day nervousness and hopes for a girlfriend (still can, sed lyf). I too wanted to reinvent myself into a popular and studious guy. (In case you're wondering, I just ended up a degenerate weeb.)


I'm really envious of Yuuta (not just 'coz the guy has a much better imagination than I do), because of how he got his wish: a great highschool life with great friends. Me? I was stuck in an "integrated course" (fuck you ACE!). More than that, I've looked at Yuuta transform into a dependable person who can take care of people and is trusted by many. And all this was catalyzed by Yuuta's relationship with Rikka, and it makes me hope I haven't met my Rikka yet and that things may yet change.


What happened to KyoAni last year was tragic, and my heart goes out to the victims and their families. This definitely is not enough, but I really wanna thank KyoAni and its people for giving me and the world this beautiful series and many more. Thank you KyoAni. ❤️

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