Bonus Anime Review: Kotoura-san (reader request)

English title: The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura

Episodes: 12

Release date: Winter 2013

Adapted from: Kotoura-san by Enokizu (manga)

Studio: AIC Classic

Content warnings: mild sexual humour (including nudity)

Consensus Points

  • Good premise

  • The first half of episode one catches the eye

  • Haruka is a good protagonist

  • Decent music

  • Fails to deliver on initial promise

  • Manabe has no depth

  • Other characters are hit-and-miss

  • Lacks focus

  • Unable to balance drama and comedy

  • Shoehorns in typical high school anime tropes

  • Forced 'plot' in the final third that falls flat

  • Haruka's pedo grandpa is pure cringe

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