Anime Review: The Great Passage

Japanese Title: 舟を編む (Fune wo Amu)

Episodes: 11

Release date: Winter 2016

Adapted from: The Great Passage by Shion Miura (light novel)

Studio: Zexcs

Content warnings: none

Consensus Points

  • Unique premise

  • Realistic characters and struggles

  • Just the right amount of conflict woven in

  • Passionate about linguistics and dictionaries

  • Interesting and touching themes

  • Well-written character dynamics

  • Pleasant music

  • Nice backgrounds

  • Good background animation

  • Can be boring/predictable at times; plays it safe

  • Generic artstyle

  • Off-model character art

  • Soundtrack is overpowering at times

  • Timeskips affect the development of some plot threads

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