Anime Review: Samurai Champloo (reader request)

Japanese Title: サムライチャンプルー (Samurai Chanpuru)

Episodes: 26

Release date: Summer 2004

Adapted from: original concept

Studio: Manglobe

Content warnings: violence (including violence against women), moderate sexual content, nudity, profanity/swearing, drug use

Consensus Points

  • Incredibly cool

  • Creatively anachronistic setting with subtle historical commentary

  • Legendary hip-hop soundtrack by Nujabes

  • Great art and character designs that suit the aesthetic

  • Outstanding voice acting in both languages

  • Fun cast of characters, especially Mugen

  • Some great comedy

  • Goes nowhere at times

  • Overarching plot is weak

  • Some episodes are weaker than others

  • Art and animation show their age

  • Characters don't grow

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