Anime Review: From the New World

Japanese Title: 新世界より (Shinsekai Yori)

Episodes: 25

Release date: Fall 2012

Adapted from: From the New World by Yusuke Kishi (novel)

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Content warnings: violence, gore, torture, murder, physical and psychological child abuse, moderate sexual content, frightening/intense scenes, and depictions of slavery, racism, and mental illness.

Consensus Points

  • Deep narrative spanning years

  • Suffocatingly tense atmosphere

  • Chilling soundtrack that enhances this atmosphere

  • Great use of lighting and colour to set the mood

  • Haunting look at utopian societies

  • Addresses difficult topics like racism, slavery, and human rights

  • Detailed worldbuilding with intriguing biological details

  • Art quality is inconsistent

  • Confusing to follow at times

  • Takes a while to hit its stride

  • Characters take a backseat to the narrative

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