Anime Review: Cowboy Bebop

Japanese Title: カウボーイビバップ (Kauboi Bibappu)

Episodes: 26

Release date: Spring 1998

Adapted from: original concept

Studio: Sunrise

Content warnings: violence, murder, torture, moderate sexual content, nudity, drug use, heavy smoking and drinking, existential dread

Consensus Points

  • Hasn't aged poorly in the slightest

  • Diverse and believably futuristic setting

  • Incredibly cool aesthetic that pays homage to several genres

  • One of anime's greatest soundtracks

  • An opening that other TV shows can learn from

  • Great voice acting with a legendary English dub

  • Great cast with plenty of depth

  • Fun episodic subplots

  • Good, well-timed humour

  • Not always light-hearted, with heavy themes lurking just below the surface

  • Could've used more of the overarching plot

  • The main villain is not the best

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