Anime Review: Carole & Tuesday

Japanese Title: キャロル&チューズデイ (Kyaroru ando Chuuzudei)

Episodes: 24 (listed as two 12-episode "seasons" on Netflix)

Release date: Summer 2019

Adapted from: original work

Studio: Bones

Content warnings: none

Consensus Points

  • Dynamic colour palette

  • Detailed environments and character designs

  • Bright and diverse future

  • Music that you can get lost in

  • Great dynamic between the main characters

  • Angela is a good rival and foil to the main characters

  • Very contemporary

  • Interesting commentary on the modern day music industry and technological trends

  • Cheerful and optimistic

  • Drags at times

  • Split across two halves, without fully exploring the themes in either

  • Political commentary needed to be bolder

  • Sudden transition from Japanese speech to English singing (in the sub)

  • Side cast isn't properly developed

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