Why hello there, fellow otaku! Come this way, this site is for you! Eh, what's that? Oh, you're not into manga or anime? Don't worry! This site is for you, too. That's right, IMA Network is for everyone.


We were brought together by common interests: a love for writing, and a love for manga and anime. This site is the end product of years of wanting to do something to satisfy these interests of ours. Sure, we could've just blasted our opinions into the void on some private social media account (and to be honest, some of our opinions ought to stay there). But that wouldn't have satisfied us as much as a heated discussion in the comments section on a platform like this. The sense of community and belonging that it provides more than makes up for getting flamed over one's views on Naruto. Don't worry about being branded a 'normie', or being teased for being a 'weeb'. There is none of that over here. IMA Network is a safe space for anyone who wants to explore anime and manga topics. Youkoso!

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JoJo Battsu, Writer

JoJo Battsu's troubled childhood is what drove him to become ye cliched vigilante. However, he was soon driven out of the area by hordes of magical girls demanding he show his Pro Hero license or else go to jail. He now spends his time creating burner accounts on MAL to bring down the rating of Madoka Magica as an act of revenge. His motto is "less is moe, you hoe".


Dr. Bugs, Writer

A former medic, Dr. Bugs grew tired of wiping people's bottoms and gave in to his otaku dark side. Doing so opened up a rift not in time and space, but on the side of his face, not unlike Black Jack. Now, he spends his time praising obscure seinen and josei manga on the internet in order to convince others of his 'taste', when in reality he is trying and failing to catch up to One Piece, citing a lack of time and hair. His motto is "insect is winsect".

Emperor Penguin, Writer

Emperor Penguin II, the Lord Protector of the Seas, eldest son of the House of Penguins, was the rightful ruler of the southern seas. His military brilliance was unparalleled and he ruled his waters with an iron flipper. But everything changed with the Dolphin Revolution and the attack of the Sea Lions. Exiled from his own dominion by the dolphins, he and his faithful now work with a few football players to dominate the score sheet on the field.

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